– Rainbow Collection –

Garnet red, with fiery might,
Ruby pink, a soft delight.
Citrine orange, warm and bright,
Sapphire yellow, purest light.

Emerald green, life's lush embrace,
Turquoise blue, with tranquil grace.
Aquamarine, where waters gleam,
Amethyst, in purple dream.

Opal holds the rainbow's glow,
A spectrum in a single show.
Gems of color, bright and bold,
Nature's treasures to behold.

~ Anonymous, 2024


Birthstone of the month

– Pearl for June –

Pearls are thought to eliminate emotional imbalances, and is thought to help one connect with the heart chakra.

For those viewing the world through spiritual perspectives, pearls have long symbolized beacons of light. In Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism, the concept of the "flaming pearl" is a celebration of wisdom, serving as an invitation to divine awareness. Throughout history, healers and shamans have regarded pearls as conduits for relaxation and valuable aids for introspection.

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