Clarity & Decisiveness
Hardness – 7
Zodiac – Aquarius, Leo
Chakra – Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Ametrine, a remarkable and rare combination of Amethyst and Citrine, displays both purple and yellow colors within the same crystal. This unique fusion of energies serves as a harmonious blend, with Amethyst's protective and spiritually purifying qualities complementing Citrine's enhancement of mental clarity, creativity, and will.

The dynamic synergy of these two energies in Ametrine aligns spirituality with the mind, creating a conduit for a profound flow of creativity, new ideas, and insights. It stands as an excellent stone for those facing indecision and procrastination, assisting in making the necessary changes to align one's life with the Divine.

Ametrine proves particularly beneficial when one is experiencing mental sluggishness, fogginess, or difficulty concentrating. Its influence is thought to bring about mental clarity, fostering a more decisive and focused mindset. This rare gemstone becomes a powerful ally in the pursuit of spiritual alignment, mental acuity, and the manifestation of creative endeavors.

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