Communication & Tranquility
Hardness – 7.5 - 8
Birthstone – March,  Pisces & Aries
Chakra – Throat

Aquamarine, renowned as a stone of purification, holds a special affinity for the throat chakra. Its influence is directed toward opening up clear and heartfelt communication, providing a pathway for individuals to authentically express their truth in the world.

This cooling gemstone serves as a soothing force for emotions that may be out of balance. Carrying the energy of the Divine Feminine, Aquamarine actively supports the release of emotional numbness and encourages a deeper connection to one's feelings. Notably, it has been known to be helpful in reducing hot flashes, offering relief during times of hormonal imbalance.

Aquamarine's gentle yet empowering properties position it as a valuable companion on the journey of self-expression, emotional healing, and hormonal well-being, creating a space for clear communication and a harmonious connection to one's emotional landscape.

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