Protection & Purification
Hardness – 7 - 7.5
Zodiac – All
Chakra – Root

Tourmaline serves as a catalyst for self-discovery and understanding, fostering not only a deeper comprehension of oneself but also a heightened awareness of others. This remarkable gemstone is a promoter of self-confidence, working to diminish fear and encourage a sense of inner strength.

Known for its magnetic qualities, Tourmaline has the ability to attract inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity into one's life. Additionally, it acts as a harmonizer for the right and left hemispheres of the brain, contributing to mental equilibrium.

Beyond its psychological benefits, Tourmaline operates on a physical level, releasing tension and proving beneficial for relaxation. It functions as an energetic balancer, harmonizing male and female energies within the body, while simultaneously enhancing overall energy flow and removing blockages.

Historically, during the Middle Ages, Tourmaline was employed to dispel negative energy and safeguard against the "evil eye." It held talismanic significance for warriors, believed to provide protection in the midst of battle. In the realm of traditional African shamanic practices, Tourmaline is revered as a sacred stone facilitating a connection with the Earth and ancestral wisdom.

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