Wholeness & Communication
Hardness – 5 - 6
Birthstone – December, Sagittarius & Capricorn
Chakra – Third Eye, Throat

Turquoise is renowned as a spiritual healer and equilibrium-restorer, fostering feelings of tranquility and mental peace. It is credited with promoting self-acceptance and forgiveness, aiding individuals in navigating their journey towards inner harmony.

Functioning as an ancient absorber of negativity, Turquoise is said to act as a shield against the "evil eye," making it a potent force for protection and spiritual purification. This gemstone is believed to amplify intuition, enhance mental clarity, and strengthen spiritual connections.

According to tradition, receiving Turquoise as a gift from a caring friend is believed to imbue the wearer with a shield against negative energies and attract good fortune. Beyond its protective qualities, Turquoise is also recognized as a symbol of friendship and is associated with bringing serenity to the household.

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